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Image by Eelco Böhtlingk


Let us take you on a journey of the soul. Through the ancient drama of the world's oldest desert, into the unspoiled wilderness of South Africa and across the mountains of Mozambique. Africa talks to you and the silence is broken only by your thoughts. Destinations and duration of your choosing. These include stays at lodges, fishing excursions or for the adventurer who loves to take photos.

Scenic / Photography

Spectacular landscapes and wildlife make Namibia a photographer’s dream. Our tours offer a feast of wildlife and scenery.

Image by Alan J. Hendry


A country of vivid contradictions and stark beauty, where undulating desert tumble over towering dunes to meet a tempestuous coastline. This is the 'Country of Contrasts' and consists of diverse landscapes, unique people, big vistas, ample sunshine and a considerable amount of wildlife.


Desert Breeze Lodge

Stay in Luxury and Style

A short drive from central Swakopmund ( 3.2 km ), its spectacular location provides peace and tranquillity away from the bustling town, and the privilege of savouring the ancient Namib Desert. In it’s prime position above the ephemeral Swakop River overlooking a vast and sensuous apricot dune sea, Desert Breeze offers the ultimate desert experience. 

Surrounded by the colourful and unique architecture contrasting but yet fitting in with the desert landscape, it will sooth any soul. Big basalt sculptures stand guard over the desert landscape. The luxury bungalows with their creative atmosphere and the friendly staff will make your stay one to remember.

The Stiltz Lodge

Stay in rustic Luxury and Style

Unique in every aspect, staying at The Stiltz offers the most spectacular views in Swakopmund. Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the Namib sand dunes and the bird rich lagoon at the river mouth, the Stiltz offers breathtaking views and unforgettable sunsets.

If that does not take your breath away, the architecture of these wooden bungalows built on stilts will. Each private bungalow has been attended to in the finest detail, interlinked by wooden walkways to each other and to the main dining bungalow.

You will feel like you are staying in a remote location, yet you are only minutes away from the charming town centre with plentiful restaurants, loads of activities and all the amenities you could wish for ... that is if you really feel like leaving your bungalow!

Image by Gregory Brown

" Africa changes you forever, like nowhere on earth.

Once you have been there, you will never be the same."

- Brian Jackman

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