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We love fishing!

From monster sharks to Cubera snappers, huge Tarpon and many more!

If you are looking to test your skills against our hardest fresh water fighting fish, the Tiger fish, then look no further! We offer some of the best tiger fishing in the world.

Want to plan a fishing trip or add one to your existing package, we have you covered in all three countries - Namibia - South Africa - Mozambique -

Catch huge Tarpon off the coast of Angola or have a back-breaking battle with a large Bronze Whaler shark on the Skeleton Coast of Namibia.

Feel the hard-hitting power of an aggressive Tiger fish on the Zambezi River in Mozambique.

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If you are an avid fisherman then Mozambique has even more in store for you! Some of the best tiger fishing in the world is found in our concessions, where we have a secret fishing camp that’s had barely any human contact.

These untouched waters hold monster tiger fish and many other species that will put your skills to the test.

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Big Game Fishing

Off the coast of Pemba, Mozambique lies the St. Lazaras Banks. An absolute playground for the big game fisherman. A 17 hour boat ride from the shore will find you between Mozambique and Madagascar and it’s here where the magic happens. Where the reels start to scream!


These waters are full of big game species, including monster Giant Trevally and Sailfish. It’s some of the best surface fishing on the African coast.Clients live on the boat, fully equipped for a couple days on the water. All tackle is provided. We make use of the best equipment, world class tackle, and cater for all levels of fisherman and woman, from beginner to pro, and everyone in between.These trips can easily be added to any hunts in our Mozambique areas.



Some of the most fun you can have is hooking into Namibia's numerous shark species!

Bronze Whalers, Cow sharks and Spotted Gullies.

These big boys put up quite the fight and it's always a great day on the beach waiting for the action to begin. 

A bent rod and a screaming reel makes for quite an adrenaline rush.


Kwanza Lodge

Kwanza lodge is one of the fishing camps we use in Angola, the lodge has been a popular destination for more than 15 years. Located 74km south of Luanda, on the mouth of the Kwanza River. The Kwanza lodge is very serious about maintaining a healthy population of all types of fish for the benefit of our future generations. 

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