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Once you have booked your hunt with Safari South, there are some additional things you need to do to complete your trip planning. 

Below are some guidelines to assist you through the process.

Arranging Your Travel

Airline tickets are a large expense related to your safari and for that reason it can be well worth your while to do some checking into prices and itineraries. In general, the internet is a great resource tool for comparing prices and booking a domestic flight, however that’s not really the case when it comes to looking for the best airfare to Africa, especially if you will be hunting somewhere other than South Africa.


There are only a few websites that offer flights to most African countries (KLM, South African Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Qatar Airways, Condor) even fewer offering flights to some of Africa’s less traveled destinations and because there is little to no competition on these routes and bargains are usually hard to come by on the internet. 

We always recommend that hunters use a travel agent who specializes in international destinations and who is familiar with Africa in particular. The best way to go is to use a travel agent whose speciality is booking trips for international hunters to Africa. A travel agent with extensive experience sending hunters to Africa on a regular basis will be a valuable resource in every aspect of your trip. Most hunting travel agents get far better prices than you could ever find on your own.

Important to Remember

Please take note of these important items when finalizing your trip. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time for assistance. 

  • Please ensure you have all the correct paperwork (see below) on hand before entering South Africa or Namibia. 

  • An invitation letter is needed upon your arrival, which will be supplied by African Safari Outfitters before your departure.

  • Firearms are to be transported in a good quality travel case - we recommend Americase.

  • Take into consideration the season changes: winter is from May to mid October, summer from end October to April. 

  • An African Safari Outfitters representative will be at the airport upon your arrival to pick you up and bring you to our hunting area. 

  • Vaccines need to be up to date per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • Power in Africa runs on 220 and you will want to bring an adapter. Here is one on Amazon for Mozambique travel click here


You will need to bring the following documents in hand when you arrive:

  • Your Passport

  • Return tickets to your country of origin (or copy of your itinerary) 

  • A letter of invitation from the outfitter with the outfitter's permit number on it 

  • A stamped and endorsed Proof of Ownership for your firearms (for U.S. citizens, that's a U.S. Customs form 4457 

  • For all other citizens, bring a firearms certificate or hunting license with your guns listed 

  • The SAP 520 form completed in black ink in block letters.  Do NOT sign this document at home but in the presence of a police officer at the airport when you arrive. See the Documents & links above.

According to South African customs, the most common mistakes made by international hunters are a) not having the SAP 520 form filled out in BLACK ink; b) not having a letter of invitation from the outfitter with the permit number on it; and c) signing the SAP 520 form before arriving at RSA customs.

Documents & Links

Game Information Guide
Safari Checklist
Safari South Brochure
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