Hunting leopard is one of the most emotional hunts a hunter can experience. From the highs and lows taking place when trying to outsmart such an intelligent and cunning predator, the experience becomes extremely dynamic and impactful. Patience, experience, and luck are what make this hunt one of the most sort after in Africa, as well as the most difficult. Hunting this elusive big cat takes time and immaculate preparation. To coax a large male leopard to a bait in shooting distance and keep his attention and presence takes time, patience, and field work.

We pride ourselves on hunting in some of the best areas in Southern Africa. Hunters can rest assured that we exert ourselves when it comes to the preparation of these hunts. Pre-baiting is done far in advance to ensure the identification of large males and their habits. It plays a vital role when hunting leopards. Pre-baiting allows leopards to become comfortable with the bait and bait area, as well as feeding on the bait, crucial in allowing a hunter to get a shot opportunity. 


We hunt Namibia and Mozambique with great success. When hunting leopard we give total guarantee our clients will see we leave no stone unturned in preparation, before, and during their hunt to ensure the best experience.

14 Days

@ U$ 1500 / day

Day Rate

U$ 21 000

Leopard Trophy

Fee: U$ 7000

The pictures speak for themselves. Come join us for a hunt of a lifetime.



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